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House Demolitions

Are you looking for a residential house demolition contractor in Perth?
We offer a complete house demolition service, including raking over of the block to 1 meter deep.
From the beginning we can organize demolition permits, provide free rat-baiting of the property, and notify neighbors of the intended works. The owner of Perth Hills Contracting is fully qualified in asbestos removal, and holds a current asbestos removal ticket.
Often the importance of choosing the right demolition contractor is over looked.
Perth Hills Contracting has been called upon to rectify jobs completed by demolition company's that were unable to correctly complete works. If a house is not removed safely, neatly and with a well executed plan, this can cost you a lot of money before future projects can be completed on your site.

As a site worker, as well as a demolition contractor some examples we have come across are; entire septic systems being left in the ground, and contaminated sites - were rubbish has been mixed though and across the whole site.

All our jobs are completed in accordance with Worksafe and Australian standards and regulations. 

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