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Firebreak Construction & Maintenance


We have the latest specialized equipment for installing & managing firebreaks. Your firebreak management plan depends on the type of ground on your property, the steepness of the site and any other challenges there may be.

For gravelly sites that may have exposed rocks, scraping the surface with our positrack loader may be
the best solution. For grass covered areas rotary hoeing may be the best solution. We offer free friendly advice on the best ways to manage the firebreaks on your property.

We have many happy customers who use us each year to manage their firebreaks.
The bush fires act states that Firebreaks are required on or before the 30th day of November, and need to be maintained (clear of all flammable material) until the 14th day of March.
We get very busy at this time of year, if you would like us to manage your firebreaks - please book early!


Some of the methods we use for installing & managing firebreaks are:

Scraping with our positrack
Harley Raking with our positrack
Tractor driven power hoeing and slashing
Chemical spraying with our all terrain vehicle

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