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Driveway Construction

We construct, resurface and design driveways and have experience with sloping blocks and difficult places.

Our driveway options include gravel, paving, recycled bitumen, asphalt and concrete.

The key to a long life driveway is spending time preparing a solid base with heavy machinery. 

Gravel Driveways & Resurfacing


We specialize in gravel driveways. Using local gravel from the Perth Hills, we can construct at low cost, a high quality driveway.
If you already have a gravel driveway that is looking tired, weathered and in need of repairs, we can use a Harley Rake to resurface the old driveway.

Options for gravel driveways, depending on your desired look are:

Red gravel
Blue metal
Crushed concrete or brick
Recycled bitumen
Quartz (sandstone, rainbow stone etc.)
Crushed Limestone

Our gravel driveways are designed to last for years.
We generally recommend laying the gravel in at 150 mm thickness.
The process of building a gravel driveway involves sourcing high quality gravel, spreading, leveling, water binding and compacting. 
Special attention to managing water runoff is also required. 
The end result is a hard and flat gravel surface that looks great!

See some examples of gravel driveways we have done in the gallery below.

See some examples of our asphalt driveways in the gallery bellow

Some photos of a days work building a paved driveway:

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